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LTA Studio is an organization of professionals specialized in tax, corporate, and administrative advice that goes beyond the numbers. What unites our members and our associates is their adherence to a philosophy that puts people at the center of every project.

Each one of us cultivates a direct relationship with the client and assumes the responsibility of guiding them through the various corporate disciplines, to have a highly qualified advisory service tailored to individual needs.

Over the years, LTA Studio has developed a dense network of national and international collaborations: all businesses with which we maintain solid direct relationships and from which we request constant updates, to adapt to the various challenges that characterize the constantly-changing economies of today.

Mutual trust between us, our clients, and our partners ensures timely, effective, and successful solutions.

For LTA Studio, behind every organization, there is first of all a story to listen to. For us, beyond the numbers, there are the people who can tell that story.



LTA Studio can become the reference point for the client in every phase of the company’s life. We build direct and personal relationships with all our partners and collaborate with selected national and international professionals. This approach allows us to offer a truly complete range of direct services: assistance and consultancy with law firms and notary offices, auditing firms, labor advisors, companies specialized in business immigration and internationalization, IT and communication, financing and access to credit, architects and design studios, experts in the real estate sector, consultancy and specialized assistance for local institutions, trade associations.

LTA Studio has offices in Milan, San Francisco, and New York. Thanks to this network of collaborations, we are also present in Rome, Turin, London, Vienna, Munich, Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon, Chiasso, Brig, Luxembourg, Brussels, Strasbourg, Warsaw, Moscow, Dubai, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, and Recife.