Paolo Iozzo
Partner of LTA

Paolo Iozzo

Until the end.

I have been a partner of LTA since its foundation, mainly dealing with consultancy and assistance in the field of taxation, corporate law, and management consultancy for companies belonging to Italian and foreign industrial and financial groups.
Over more than 30 years in the profession, I have developed a consolidated experience in M&A transactions, particularly in the real estate and renewable energy sectors.
In regards to the real estate sector, I have developed skills in the management of SIIQs, SIINQs, consortia and consortium companies.
Thanks to the professional structure and organization of LTA, I support closed-end real estate funds under Italian law reserved for investors in accounting, administrative management, and statistical and supervisory reports (Bank of Italy and Consob). I hold corporate positions as director, liquidator, statutory auditor, and external auditor in joint-stock companies, which have allowed me to develop skills in the field of corporate governance and responsibility of corporate bodies.

Professional experience

Since 1988 I have worked as a freelancer in various structured tax and corporate firms, becoming a partner and participating in the foundation of LTA in 2010.

Associations, seminars, media, and other activities

I like reading, cooking, and playing sports such as swimming, padel, and mountain biking.
I am not on social media.


Commercial accounting diploma obtained at the I.T.C. N. Moreschi of Milan in 1986.
Enrolled in the Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Milan since 1994. Good English – Basic French