Silvia Daccò
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Silvia Daccò

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change. Albert Einstein

I carry out business, tax, corporate, and budgetary consultancy activities for companies in the various stages of their development; in particular from their foundation, to ordinary and extraordinary management, up to the liquidation phase.
I also provide assistance in the tax field, also in terms of inheritance, to natural persons.
I am a member of various boards of statutory auditors of joint-stock companies and I have over ten years of experience in auditing the accounts of local institutions.

Professional experience

I started the profession of chartered accountant immediately after graduating, gaining significant professional experience in the field of corporate and tax law.

Associations, seminars, media, and other activities

I am a member of the Board of the Italian Association of Chartered Accountants section of Lodi.


Degree in Economics and Commerce, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Piacenza (1998).

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